Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply for these grants?

Only municipalities and counties may apply for a Matching or FUN Park Grant.

Do we need to hire someone to prepare the application for us?

No, but if you need help with the process, it may be available through your local economic development or planning and development district office or you may hire a private consultant to assist you.

When should we get started with the grant application?

Get started as soon as possible! Contact the your Project Officer to discuss your proposed project.

Can we submit more than one application per year?

A municipality or county may submit only one grant application per year but Matching Grant applications may include multiple sites.

How much money can we apply for?

The maximum grant award amount for the Matching Grant program is $250,000.00. The maximum grant award for the FUN Park Grant is $75,000. There is no minimum.

Is an engineer or architect required for a grant project?

An engineer or architect is required for FUN Park Grant projects and strongly encouraged for Matching Grant projects.

What are important dates that applicants should be aware of?

Please look at application guides for detailed information on important dates.

How long will we have to complete a grant project?

Grant projects should be completed within two years after the award notice.

How often are the grants awarded?

We award both Matching and FUN Park grants annually.

What type of facilities can be built with grant funds?

Most outdoor recreation facilities will be considered for funding.

Can we apply for a grant again if we received a grant in the past?

An applicant may only receive one FUN Park Grant in a 5-year period. Matching Grants may be applied for each year.